Latest Breakup sms in English

O my mind,
Time and again
You have broken my heart
With false promises.
You are so cruel!
You are such a liar!
Even though my heart is broken,
It is healing the wounds
You have inflicted on my dedication-life

Best Break Up Ever:
A Boy Threw 6 Cricket Balls At His GirlFriend.
GrlFrnd: Wat Was That For?
Boy: Its “OVER”..!

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BREAKUP Aren’t Always
Meant To Make Up,
Sometimes They Happen To
Give You A Chance To WAKE UP..!

I have always wanted to be with you, I want to be the reasons why you smile, I love you more than you ever know when anyone asks me what I like the best in life, I would tell them it’s you.

I want to let you know that I would always love you no matter what happens tomorrow, I have always seen you in my dreams before I met you, the angels brought you to my arms, I would always be your sweet memories, I love you.

Hereby standing here.
telling you that you’re the
worst guy i ever met.and i
hope this would be the
first and the last time
i’m going to say this.

The first time I set my eyes on you I know I have found an eternally sweet love, it was love at first sight when I first saw you, and ever since then your love has continued to blossom in my heart, I love you so much.

Breakup sms in English

Most Touching Lines Said
By A True Lover To His
Love While Break Up:
Of All The Lies You Told Me,
”I Love You”
Was My Favourite’ ..!

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Loneliness Has Taught Me
Everything In Dis World
Except How To Forget
The Person Who Made Me

If the dream of having you by my side forever comes true, then I would just sit here and make you happy every single moment that passes.

If you could count the stars in the sky at night, then you can count how much I love you, I have found my eternal bliss when I found you, I would take care of you because you are my heart chosen love.

You have charmed my heart, your love-filled every little space in there, I’m every single of my life with you, I love you so much.

She broke his heart and yelled out to him
He stood there in agony, and whispered..
“but you are My Life”.. !

Thank God, you are mine, how would I have survived this life alone, God chose you as a beautiful soul mate for me, I love you with all my heart.

My heart overflow with love immeasurable for you, you make me cherished life again, thank you, my love, for bringing sunshine into my life, I love you.

I Will Wait ..
Till The Day
“I” Can Forget “You” ..
The Day
You Realize
“You” Cannot Forget “Me” ..

break up sms

silence between 2 unknown people creates a relation …but silence between 2 known people breaks the relation ….. its all about me

A Nice Line Said By A Broken
“Plz Dont Come One More Time
Infront Of Me,
Trust U Again”

Because I don’t want to miss your Angel Eye, I walk around with your picture in my chest pocket, I want you close to my heart always.

You are my sunrise, you are my rainfall, you are moonlight and my star shine, you are my everything, I love you with all my heart.

The hardest part of losing someone
is when you know that they are
happier without you,
and you want them to be happy,
so you let them go.

breakup sms english

Never count on someone to come ‘n fix your broken heart
someday he/she will break it again ‘n again.
Just stand up over your feet,
take the time you need ‘n fix it with your own hands.
It is your own heart so,
no one can take good care of it but YOU… !

Thank you for being there for me always, thank you for the unconditional love that you have for, I would always be by your side no matter what tomorrow brings.

Every heart has a pain. Only the way of expressing it is different. Fools hide it in eyes, while the brilliant hide it in their smile.


You shine in my heart a million times and over in a day, I can’t count how much I miss you, I love you.

As we go on
We remember all the times we had together.
And as our life changes come whatever
We will still be “friends forever”

Among ur frens i care 4 u da most, among ur frens i lov u da most, among ur frens u hurt me d most coz�.i know dats all im 2 u� among ur frens

Have I told you lately how much I am in love with you??? No?? Think about it, have a great life…

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I Cry Because I Know
She Doesn’t Feel The Way I Do.
I Cry Because I Think Of
How Pathetic I Am
I Cry Because…
I Think
I’ll Be Crying Forever….

You are the last on my mind every night before I sleep, and the first person that I think of when I wake up every morning, your beautiful thoughts occupy my heart for the whole day, I love so much no doubt.

When you wake in the morning know that I have prayed for a beautiful day for you already, you live in a beautiful place bin my heart.

An Inspiring Fact:
If You Can Still Smile
When U R Completely Broken Up,
There Can B Nothing
That Can Break U Next Time!

I live every day with the hope of loving you more, I pray that my Lord would guide and protect you, you are the best wife in the world.

I have prayed that God makes me love you forever, I would be like fish out of the water if I don’t love you.

U Promsd 2 Take Care Of Me Bt U Hurt Me,
U Promsd Me 2 Brng Me Joy Bt U Brought Me Tears,
U Promsd Me Ur Luv Bt U Gave Me PAIN… ME?
I Promsd U Nothing But I Gave U Everything!

breakup msg in english

Love Hurts When You Break Up With Some One.
Hurts Even More
When Someone Breaks Up With You
But Love Hurts The Most When The Person,
You Love Has No Idea How You Feel.

“It doesn’t make sense to let go of something
you had for so long,
It also doesn’t make sence to hold on
When there’s actually nothing there”.. !

Nice Saying from a Broken Heart
“I’ll Continue My Love
Even If My Love Fails ‘Coz,
How would I hate the heart
which made me to Love more than My Life”.. !

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Why did i break up with her?
Well, it’s like i sat down and
looked at the situation,
all the pieces lying on the floor.
It just wasn’t a puzzle anymore.
None of the pieces fit together,
and even if i tried really hard,
the pieces, well, they were just
two different puzzles.
That’s why i did it.
She needs to understand that.

I guess that I’m da loser
Cause u hav found some1 new
But I’m still here, still all alone
Just crying over u

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Time, Health, Friends and Relations,
Do not come with a price tag,
But when we lost them,
We Realize the cost.
So, Treat them carefully.

OncE A Guy wHo recenTLy hAd a brEaKoff with Her giRL friend
was aSkEd ….HAv U leFt uR girL frieNd or sHe left u???
He smileD And answerED..
L0vE LefT us!!!

In ’1992′
Boy : Im in with you !
Girl : Im in a Relationship
Boy : Ok (Commits Suicide) o_O
… In ’2002′
Boy :Im in Love with you
Girl: Im in a Relationship !
Boy: Okay I will find Another One !
Boy: Im in love with you
Girl:Im in a Relationship :S
Boy : Okay I will wait for your ‘BREAK UP’

Touching breakup message

 I heard someone whisper ur name, but when i turned around to c who it was, i notice i was alone, then i realize it was my heart telling me that

L0ve hUrTS wHen U brEak uP wid s0mE 0nE huRTs eVen m0rE whEN s0mE 0nE brEaks uP U…

4getn u is hard 2 do, 4gtn me is up2 u, 4gt me not, 4gt me neva, but don’t 4get, we’re gr8 2gether.

3 words
“i love you”
Can mean everything
Or nothing at all.

1 stone is enuf to break a glass,
1 sentence is enuf to break a heart,
1 second is enuf to fall in luv..
& 1 sms is enuf to keep relation in touch..
Take care!

breakup sms for gf

The Most Terrible
The Feeling Of
Being Unloved.

Don’t Ever Regret Your Love…
Bcoz One Day She Will Find That
She Lost A Diamond
While She Was Busy In Collecting More Stones

It Hurts When We
Risk Our
It Ends Up Being
What Hurts More Is
When We
Hold On When We
Already Know
We Are Waiting For

sad break up texts that will make him cry

When You Have
Loved Unconditionally
One Person
Lost That Love …
It Leaves A Wound
That Never Heals
A Sad & Broken
Heart , A Void Forever

Don’t Ever Regret Your Love…
Bcoz One Day She Will Find That
She Lost A Diamond
While She Was Busy In Collecting More Stones

A break up is like a broken mirror.
It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.

break up sms for girlfriend

Lover’s Last Words:
“My Absence May Not Make Any Difference To You.
But I Know I Loved You Truly
Won’t Give The Same Moments To AnyOne New.”

Heart Touching Lines By Broken Heart:
If It Was to Gift Me Silence
Why Did You Please Me With Hour Long Talks
If It Was to Push Me Back to Lonliness
Why Did You Force Me Out Of It.. !


After He Broke My Heart My Friends Asked,
“How Many Reasons Do You Have To Still Love Him?”
I Pointed To The Stars & Said “Start Counting.”?

Touching breakup message for him

BREAKUPS Aren’t Always
Meant To Make Up,
Sometimes They Happen To
Give You A Chance To WAKE UP

Most hurting Line by a true Love:
If U will leave me,
I prOmise U will cOme back Once
with ur OPEN EYES to see my CLOSED EYES..!!

“COMPROMISING” doesn’t mean that
your are wrong and someone is right,
it only means that
you value your “RELATIONSHIP”
much more then your “EGO”

positive break up messages

Each drop of a Tear is Costly
than anything in World..
No One knows its value
until they have it in their own eyes
For Someone

My heart will always follow you wherever you go, my life is incomplete without you, you make my days and nights full of sweet memories, I love you with all my life.

I have never found someone that makes me feel so much joy in my life before I met you, you must be an angel sent from above to me, I thank my Lord for giving me a lovely woman like you

The beauty of a flower is known by its colorful petals, and the beauty of diamond and gold are known after undergoing a series of heat, and I’m beautiful because of your sweetness in my heart, thank you for the care and the love for me, I love you too.

Do not be afraid of loving me, I have already loved you so much in my heart; I will never break your heart.

Love is the silent expression of kindnesses and care, I have found the one I want to show the whole of the love in my heart, and that special woman is you

I have never heard of voice as soothing as your voice when you talk, I have never felt a palm as tender as yours when you touch me, and never felt a lip as sweet as yours when you kiss me, my heart is yours forever, I love you.

You are the splendor in my heart every day, my heart is encoded with your sweet love, I’m ever joyful from the first day that I found you, I love you.

I want to hold your lovely hands in mine forever, I want to be your sunshine, and your everything, smile for me, I love you.