100+ Cute smile sms in English | New/Latest Smile Text messages

Moning is like a painting
u need a litle smile 2 brighten it &
a message from someone
who cares U &
To color your day
So keep smiling.

Girls misuse it! models sell it! photograhers cage it!doctors advice it!death freezes it! artists create it! tats SMILE! KEEP SMILING!!

SmS dosnt mean ‘SHORT messaging SERVICE’ It also means Share My Sweetness Search My Soul Seek My Sweetheart Succeed My Smarty See ME Smiling So Keep SMSING.

.;***;. I
( -_-) Pray
>?)(?< That

All Ur
Wishes & Maintain a Gud Smile On Ur Face 4ever..

We have forgotten to listen from our heart, that is why we feel dry in life. The joy comes when we can listen from our heart. Keep “SMILE” frm heart alwys..

smile is the bst way to hide your emotions.So always keep smiling coz this world is full of idiots no1 can understnd ur emotions the only thing dey can do is make fun of it.

If a day begins with smile, you will have a successful and cheerful day to follow.

Hey!! Genius..!!

Yes You…!!

U R SmiLing..

Bcoze i CaLL u Genius..

Aah!! Sometimes We have to Lie Just
To See Ur Sweet SmiLe..

Keep SmiLing..

Wrinkles are like waves. when you`re calm, they disappear.. when you`re furious, they become rough! So,S M I L E always N have a great day.

There is always sumone
in everyone’s life.,
whose mood Affects your smile..!

If u learn to smile wen thins go wrong, I will not only be free from negativevity of the situation in the present but also find soluation for the future.

Nothing Is More
Beautiful Than A ‘SMILE’
That Has Struggle Through
‘TEARS’ ….

The prettiest girl is the one who knows how to smile without faking it.

One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on a persons face and knowing that you put it there.

How can I find a words of wishes,
which expresses my feelings to your way.
Your smile brightens my life,
even more day by day.

Wonderful Combination
in this World..
Heart & beats
Night & Moon
Music & Songs
Roses & Love
My costly SMS
& ur totally free SMILE!

One minutes smiling makes many frnds,
but one minutes angry make many enemies,
so enjoy your life with a cute smiling.

I like it when you SMILE 🙂
Ilove it when I’m the Reason

Sweet lyns 4m a boy 4 his lover.
I can talk to hundrds of ppl in 1 day
but none of them compare to d smile u can give me in 1 minute

A single lovable smile is a proper key for many problems n confusions.So express ur cute smile every moment on ur face.

Plz spread, spread more dear, u will like it, all will like it.. Aha, that’s it. Keep Spreading — Ur smile is precious! Hv a smiling day!

Life is beautiful one day one hour one min its not come again so please avoid fight ,angry speak lovely spread ur smille…

Always smile ok

Your smile is so
Captivating and so nice

Show me a sample


oye hoye

“habit of smiling can makes your life happy. it costs nothing and you lose nothing. but when i get it, i get everything more than my life “
so keep smiling !!!

In Life Happiness is
more important than smile.
Because smile comes from
lips, but happines
comes from heart.
Be happy forever.

Nothing Is
In This World
Not Even Our
Troublesso Keep On
Enjoying The LIFE
Don’t Loose Ur
Smile At Any Cost …

To Get Brighter Results…
Give It A Smarter Imagination!
Imagine Well…
Imagine Smiles…
And Get Happy Results!!

Respect Her
Honour Her
Love Her
Protect Her
Care For Her

Just Smile Once
The Game Is Over.

A Smile Gives
Red Color 2 Ur Cheeks
White Color 2 Ur Teeth
Pink Color 2 Ur Lips
Silver Colr 2 Ur Eyes..

Anger Makes The Tongue
Faster Than The Mind

Smile Makes Everything Work Faster
Except The Tongue…

the best medicine for the best health is the best smile”so keep smiling

A smile can unlock more doors than any key.

I search many shops to buy the best chocolate 4 u. but i did’nt find any chocolate sweeter than you n ur smile

Just because no one has been fortunate enough to realize how wonderful you are,
doesn’t mean that you shine any less 🙂

Keep Smiling

Please Always Keep On Smiling

(¨`*.*´¨) Always
`*.¸(¨`*.*´¨) Keep
(¨`*.*´¨)¸.*´ Smiling!

Morning is the best time to great ‘SPECIAL PEOPLE’bc’z the remaining hours soon will be busy.

So let me say hello,take care & Keep smiling..

Do U know D relation beetween Smile & UR face?
UR face looks gud with a smile,but smile look more gud on UR face.
So keep smiling.

Inspiration is the word which makes work better…..

Thw most powerful inspiration is the smile……

I wish u to carry it on ur face all the time…..

Smile is d Source of Success,Guarantee of Good Health,+ve Trait in Pleasant Personality & d Harbinger of Happiness. Smile is d Style of life

Tree leaves do nt luk green forevr, roses
do nt luk fresh forevr, bt i pray that
smile on ur lips stay forevr…

Smiling People know the SECRET of Good Health,Pleasant Personality, Sure Success & Pure Happiness. Smile is the Style of superior persons…

I think you are very careless
You come and leave things behind
See now what you have left?
You just came in my mind and left a smile on my face

Smile is the secret of success, surety for good health, style for pleasant personality & the source of happiness. So cheers. Keep smiling.

Cute smile sms in English

The Best Medicine In the World Without any Side Effect is a Smiling Face…! I Pray That this Medicine Must Be Always With U.

Smile Is Like Simcard
And Life Is Cellphone
Whenever U Insert The Sim Of Smile
A Beautiful Day Is Activated
So Keep Smiling Always

Smiling Has Always Been Easier
Than Explaining Why I’m Sad. .

If the loser smiles after losing the Game,
The Winner will lose the Thrill of his victory.
That’s the Power of Smile. So always keep smiling.

Roses r famous 4 grace.Advocates r famous 4 case.Horses r famous 4 race.But U r famous 4 ur smiling face.

-Input Love
Output happy

-Input Hardwork
Output Success

-Input ATM Card
Output Money

-Input my SMS
Output ur sweet SMILE

SMILE-Richness of ur face.
LOVE-Richness of ur heart.
HAPPY-Richness of ur mind.
FRIENDSHIP-Richness of ur life.
Be happy,smile always..

Cute lines:

If u can’t find the right words to certain situations,just give a smile…

Words may confuse,but a smile always convinces…



only people who r below ur standard comments on u..and people who is above yopu just smiles at ur mistake..so next time if sum 1 comments on u..just give them a simle:”’ keep smiling forver

A smile maybe just a stretch of lips,but when it comes from the heart, it reflects the happiness within.

You know who is The Best couple in the world?

Smile and Tears..

Rarely they are seen together,

But when they are together its the Best Moment of the Life.
“wish u very happy smile day”

Do not expect anything in life expectations hurt a lot.When u do not expect,every moment is a surprise and every surprise brings a smile

All people smile in the same language.

If d loser smiles after losing d game,
d winner wl lose d thrill of his victory”
Dats d power of Smile..!
Keep smiling even at worse*situation:

people say we r crazy wen v smile alone wid no reason……!!! bt they neava knw dat its the real smile wid sweetest reason wid somw1 in thoughts……

Every emotions doesn’t have words…Every wish doesn’t have prayers…If u SMILE d world is with u…otherwise even the drop of tears doesn’t like to stay wid U



BE like a baby…
they don’t know anything..
but they only know two things ..
a beutiful smile & a cry…
so keep smilling…..

Little smile will create a lot of happiness …
It hides so many problems…
So smiley face don’t get sadness…
keep smiling…

A smile is a powerful weapon.
no one has ever seen a smiling face
that was not beautiful.
A smile goes a long way ,
but you are the one who must start it on its journey…

Roses are famous for grace,
Advocates are famous for case,
Horses are famous for Race,
But UR famous 4 SMILE on UR face “KEEP SMILING”.

Time and smile are the two crucial things in our life.
Sometimes time makes us to forget smile
sometimes someone’s smile makes us to forget time.

Bells give us tinkles,
fountains give us sprinkles,
crying gives us wrinkles,
smile gives us dimples.
Keep smiling all the time.

ROSE is famus 4 grace
ADVOCATE is famous 4 his case,
HORSES are famous 4 Race,
But U are famous 4 ‘SMILE’ on ur face.
So Keep it always on your face..

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A little tune can make you sing,
A little hug can make you feel better
Some little things can make you happy.
I hope that my little disturbance will make you smile.

Habit of smiling can make your life happy. It costs nothing. You lose nothing but the people who get it, gets everything. So, always smile and smile forever.

The Best thing in the world is seeing somebody smile and it will be more better if you are the reason for their smile,so keep smiling and make others smile:

The PURE HEART person can have wonderful SMILE that makes even his enemy to feel himself guilty for being enemy….
So,catch the world with your smile.

Smile is the Best Credit Card.
Bcoz it is Acceptd WorldWide,
Auto Reload,
Unlimited Usage,
No Payment,
at all makes every1 Happy.
So keep Smiling.

Smile in pleasure and pain..
Smile when pours like a rain..
Smile when some one hurts you,
Smile Bcoz some one still wants You…

Do u know whats the relation btn smile and ur face?
Ur face luks gud with a smile, bt smile luks more gud when it is on ur face.

Smile is a bird
Who flies from face to face
May your lips give it a better nest
So that?
It may stay there
Forever and Ever
Keep Smiling!

The shortest distance between two ppl is not a Straight Line, It’s a Curve- A smile.

The more you bend this curve,

the shorter the distance gets

Best lines fOr practical life-
“I have many prOblems in my life-
my lips dOesn’t knOw that-
it always smiles-!

A smile gives red color 2 ur cheeks,
white color to ur teeth,
pink color 2 ur lips,
silver color 2 ur eyes.

What is the difference between your smile and my smile? You smile when you feel happy and I smile when I see you happy. So Keep smiling.

Life is better when you are happy.
Best when other people are happy bcoz of you.
Be inspired,give peace and share your smile.

I searched many gardens to select a flower 2 giv u as gift, But I didn’t find any flower beautiful than ur smile….

‘Little’ is what i talk to u…. ‘Lot’ is what i like abt u…. ‘Success’ is what i wish for u…. ‘SMILE’ is what i expect from you, Always keep smiling….!!

Never think Deep abt Past, dat brings Tears Don’t think mor abt Future dat brings Fear Live dis moment vt a SMILE n CARE dat brings “CHEER”

Sending u 365 smiles, take 1 now & put d remaning 364 under ur pilow, pick out 1 everyday becoz i want 2 see u smiling d whole year..!

I say I’m fine. You know I’m not.
We smile and go our separate ways.

Pure heart person can have a wonderful smile that makes even his enemy feel guilty for being enemy so catch d world with ur smile .


Wen u smile, its like sunrise to me..
& I want a daily sunrise in my life.. So, KEEP SMILING

SMILE and MILES r 2 words made from same alphabets
but a small SMILE can cover MILES of distance b/w 2 ppl.

”SMILE” is not a single word. It is a beautiful sentence.






keep Smiling.

A smile cost less then electricity But Gives more light So Always smile & prove that Ur the bes bulb in WORLD

I searched
to select
A Flower
To Give
As a
To u?
I Didnt
Find Any
Than Ur

your’s smiling face appears like a bright light but when you are sad
your’s face appears like a dimight.
so always smile!

If you can SMILE when you are Completely Broken up…..

Then there can be nothing that can Break you NEXT Time…..

Emotions dont have words,
Wishes dont have scripts,
If u smile, world is with u,
Otherwise even a drop of tear doesn’t like to stay with u..
So keep smiling!!

Smile meanings

Smile to old means Respect

Smile to child mean Innocence

Smile to friend means Care

Smile in front of mobile, a mental case!

Still smiling?

Hi! am sending U a cheque of Rs. SMILE/- wirhdraw it whenever U R upset, othrwise keep it as a balance 4evr in ur lije.., KEEP SMiLing..

If you worry about a trouble it becomes double
but when you smile at it, it disappears like a bubble
so always smile at your problem.
keep smiling

Do u know the relation between smile and your face?
Your face looks good with a smile but smile looks more good when it is on your face…So keep smiling.