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Motivational sms in english:- Hello friends welcome to’s new Status and Hindi Shayari Collection. Friends, in this post we have brought a new collection of motivational sms in english If you are searching on google like’s that Inspirational SMS in English, Inspirational Quotes sms,messages,then friends today I have brought motivational sms in english with some similar keywords. I hope you like our best collection of Inspirational SMS in English |

Inspirational SMS in English

Learng From Water, To Adjust Urself In Evry Situation, In Any Shape, Always Find Out You Own Way.

Sun Glows For A Day, Candle For Hours, But Good Day Can Glow Forever, So Start Your Day With SMILE And Useful Things.

You Born As Original With You Identity, Don’t Die As A Copy Don’t Care If Someone Desn’t Liks You, You Were Not Put On Earth To Please Anyone, Life Is To Express Yourself Not To Impress Anyone.

A Correct Decision Can Be Wrong When It Is Taken Too Late. Don’s Miss Opportunities.

Motivational sms in english

There Are Only Two Ways To Make A Competitive Difference—- 1. Do Things Better Than Others, 2. Do Simnple Things Differently..

Whenevr You Have Dreams Inside Your Heart, Never Let It Go Because Dreams Are Like Seeds, From Which Beautiful Tomorrow Grows, Have At Least One Dream In Your Life…

Not All Fingers Are Of Same Length, But When They Are BENT, All Stand In Equal Length. LIFE Becomes Easy When We Bend & Polite To Some Situations.

Every NEW IDEA Is Impossible Until One Achieves It.Every New Thought Is Silly Until One Try & Believe It!

If A Drop Of Water Falls In A Lake, There Is No Identity. But, If It Falls On A LEAF It Shines Like A Diamond. So, Choose De Best Place Were You Can Shine.

A Candle May Melt & It’s Fire May Die. But The HELP U Have Given To Someone Wil Always Stay As A Flame In Their HEART Forever. Keep Helping And Keep World Smile.

2 Best Lines-
Luv Ur Luv So Much Dat U Dont Hv To Ask Wid Whom U Were?”
Trust Ur Frnd Dat Much Dat U Dont Hv To Tel Dont Tell This To Any1,,,,,

motivational quotes sms in english

If You Miss An Oppurtunity, Do Not Cloud Your Eyes With Tears;keep Your Vision Clear So That You Will Not Miss The Next One.

When It Rains All Birds Fly For Shelter.
But Eagle Avoids The Rain By Flying Above The Clouds.
Problem Is Common To All,
But ATTITUDE Makes The Difference.

Life Is Not Exactly Like What It Seems, Its Only What We Create,,, Every Day What We Are Creating Is A Coming Future, So Let’s Do The New Things By Now, ,, Which Result’s With Brightness In Our Further Life.

The Ultimate Measure Of A Man Is Not Where He Stands In Moments Of Comfort And Convenience, But Where He Stands At Times Of Challenge.

The Happiest People Don’t Necessarily Have The Best Of Everything, They Just Make The Best Of Everything They Have.

Don’t Get Upset With Little Jerks In Life Because Life Is Like A Road And Problems Are Like Speed Breakers.
They Save Us From Big Accidents.
So Enjoy The Jerk And MOVE ON …..That’s Called Life.

Whenever You Have Spare Time We Started Thinking About What You Are ? Where You Are ? What Is Missing ?
If All These Question Are In POSITIVE Way Then You Welcome HAPPIEST Life.
Or Else If You Are Surrounding With Negativity Then Keep Yourself Busy In Something…
Because A Busy Person Don’t Have Time To Be Unhappy.

Simplest Thing To Live Happiest Life Is
Make Your Mind To Be Happy Find Pleasure And Happiness In Every Simple, Small Things You Do Or Want To Do Or Like To Do..

Do Not SHED Tears For Someone Who Hurts You. Don’t Feel Sorry If U Fail When You Do Your Best.
You Should Not Be Stupid To Fall In Love For Someone Who Is Stupid Enough To Fall For Someone As Special As U.

best motivational sms in english

A Bird Sitting On The Branch Of A Tree Is Not Afraid By Shaking The Branch,

because The Bird Trusts Is Not On The BRANCH But It’s WINGS.So Believe Yourself

Problem Can Either Make You Or Break You. Hammer That Breaks Glass Can Shape Steel.It’s Up To Us To Be Glass Or Steel. Have The Willpower Of Steel & Vision Of Glass.

When You Have Decided To Fight Through, You Have Won Half The Battle. The Rest Lies In Sticking To Your Decision.have Confident Life.

If You Cry At Trouble, It Will Grows Double & If You Taugh At A Trouble It Disappears Like A Bubble.So Always Face Your Trouble With Sweet Smile.

Wonder Quote : The Result Of Anger Is More Painful Than The Reason Of Anger…Never Forget These Words To Lead A Peaceful Live.

We Are All Born In This World For Some Special Purpose, So Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Past Be An Orchitect Of Your Future.

When You Feel God Is Rubbing You Against The Rocks. Don’t Think That You Will Ruin Down To Dust,It’s Just That He Is Polishing A GEM, Because You Are Precious!

Expect More From Yourself Than From Others Becasue Expectation From Others Hurts A Lot While Expectation From Yourself Inspires A Lot.

inspirational quotes sms in english

Life Is A Collection Of Changes.So Dont’t Avoid Changes.Take Every Changes As A Challenge.Some Give Success And Some Act As The Stepping Stone To Success.

Life Is A Collection Of Changes. So Dont Avoid Changes. Take Every Changes As A Challenge. Some Give Success And Some Act As The Stepping Stepping Stone To Success..

If You Limit Your
Choices Only to Wh8
Seems Possible Or
You Disconnect
Yourself From Wh8 You
Truly Want And All That
Is Left A

3 things you cannot recover in life:
The WORD after its said,
the MOMENT after its missed,
and the TIME after its gone.

Live life like a pair of walking feet,
The foot that is forward has no pride
the foot behind has no shame

because they both knows their situation will change!

The mind is like a clock
That is constantly running down …
It has to be wound
Up daily with good thoughts …

Don’t go through life,
Grow through life

best motivational msg in english

Challenges in life come
in three categories

Those who take the easy way
have a safe and boring life;

those with difficult way
have a tought but satisfying life

and those taking the impossible way
are remembered forever.

Life never leaves u empty
It always replaces
Everything u lost
If it asks u to put
Something down,
It’s because
It wants u to
Pick up something better

Be strong enough to stand alone.
Smart enough to know when you need help.
Brave enough to ask for it(help).

Pray is an Amazing Exchange.
u handover Your Worries to ALLAH.
Allah handsover His Blessings to You

Just keep Praying and Remember me too

Water is the softest thing,
yet it can penetrate mountains and earth.

This shows clearly
the principle of softness overcoming hardness.

Take the first step
you don’t have to
see the whole staircase
just take the first step

winners re too busy 2b sad,
too optimistic 2b fearful,
too positive 2b doubtful
too determined 2b defeated.
keep ur head up cos u’re a winner

Life is too short.
If we work Good.
If we work Bad.

In 2 cases life will
SO if we work good than
we are died peacefully

When you are in light
everything will follow you.

But when you enter dark even
you own shadow will leave you.


Old concept:
“Do or Die”

New concept:
“Do b4 u die”

Latest concept:
“Don’t die, until u do”.

If you give a man a fish,
He eats for the day,
If you teach a man a fish,
he eats for his life time

When u plant the SEEDS of PATIENCE,


million smiles on those
million people who care for u

Some things you have to do every day.
Eating seven apples on Saturday night
instead of one a day just
isn’t going to get the job done.

The basic difference b/w ALLAH & Human?
ALLAH; gives,gives,gives and 4gives.
HUMAN; GETS,gets,gets and 4gets.

You must enjoy yourself and
have recreation, But
check whether it enriches Ur
life internally

A famous poet ELIOT said:
“When u get little
You want more,
When u get more,
You desire even more,
but when u lose it, u realize
LITTLE was enough

When someone hurts u . . . .
Don’t feel bad because its the law of nature
that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits
gets maximum number of stones

“Never design your character
like a garden where anyone can walk .

Design your character like the sky
where everyone desire to reach.

Hard Times Are Like a Washing Machine,
They Twist,
Turn & Knock Us Around,
But In The End we Come Out
Cleaner, Brighter & Better Than Before.

“I studied everything but never topped,
But today the toppers of
the best universities are my employees” (Bill Gates)
Be creative

“If you want to Shine like sun,
first you will have to Burn like it.”

In each single day
we smile and laugh so many times.

We never thank Allah after every smile
but we do blame / complain Him for every tear we cry.

Dont Fear For Facing Failure
In The First Attempt
Bcoz Even Successful Maths
Also Starts With Zero Only.

Life is short.
Break the rules.
Forgive quickly.
Kiss slowly.
Love truly.
Laugh uncontrollably.
And never regret anything that made you smile!

Great Message written
at the reception of a corporate company..

We don’t pay you for having “brains”
We only reward “you”
for using them “intelligently”

Success always hugs you in private…!
Failure always slaps you in the public

That’s Life

For comfortable journey of life,

Just reduce
the luggage of desires!

If I wasn’t broken
I may have never known you,
So break me
If it brings me to you Allah..

If you don’t go
after what you want,
you’ll never have it.

If you don’t ask,
the answer is always no.

If you don’t step forward,
you’re always in
the same place …

In a mirror
we find a reflection
of our appearances


in heart
we find a reflection of
our soul

True freedom is in inner thing
Its a state of mind
Its a deliberate exercise of choice
If v think
V are bound by external force,
V are deceiving ourselves

“If you are not using your smile,
Then you are a person
with million dollars in the bank
having no cheque book”

A Fantastic Quote For Life Time

”Satisfy d Person
Who Expects A SMILE
From You
Rather Than
Surprising d Person Who
Never Expected Anything
From You … “

Barriers are those things
We see
We take our eyes off the goal.
Stay focused!

Never Get Discouraged
When things Go Beyond Your Expectation,
Always Remember That
The Gretest Glory In Life Is Not Wining
Rising Every Time When You Fall

Be Careful
With Your Words
Once They Are Said ,
They Can Only Be
But Never
Forgotten … !!!

Feel The Pain Of Others.
Understand Their Struggles
And Disappointments, Their Hardships
And Inadequacies
Open Your Heart To Them.
Realize That Everyone Is Doing
The Best They Possibly Can.
Judge No One.
But Rather,
Cradle All Of Humanity
In Your Heart

My Mind Will Never Rest,
My ‘Good’ Is ‘Better’,
My ‘Better’ Is ‘Best’

Be thankful to those
who leave your life for
reasons far from respect,
it saves you the effort of
throwing the rotten egg
off your basket..

If you think something will make you happy,
go for it so that
you won’t live your life asking, “what if”
telling yourself, “if only”.

no matter how much faith we have,
we lose people.
we never forget them.
it’s those memories that
give us the faith to go on!

Success is a vehicle
Which moves on a wheel Named “smart work”
The journey is impossible
Without the fuel named
“self confidence!!”

God opens millions of flowers
without forcing the buds,
it reminds us not to force anything
for things happen in the right time.

Don’t ever give up.
Even when it seems impossible,
Something will always
pull you through.
The hardest times get even
worse when you lose hope.
As long as you believe you can do it, You can.

But When you give up,
You lose !

Stay Simple n Be Happy
When Things Go Wrong,
Don’t Go Blue.
Just Pray n Say
“I Will Get Through”.
Always Remember,
GOD Loves You!!!

Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.
So if you want to be happy.
Plan your actions accordingly.

Don’t Blame People
For Disappointing You
Blame Yourself For
Expecting Too Much From Them..!!

The ability to feel pain
is not a weakness, it’s a strength.

And those who can endure it, are stronger.

A WORD of….
DID is a word of ACHIEVEMENT
WONT is a word of RETREAT
CANT is a word of DEFEAT
OUGHT is a word of DUTY
TRY is a word of each HOUR
WILL is word of BEAUTY
CAN is the word of POWER.

Do not take life too seriously.

You will never get out of it alive.

I’ve learned that

people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget

how you made them feel.”

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