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100 New Advice SMS in English | Best Advice Text mobile messages for Life

By Anil Ganvit • Last Updated
100 New Advice SMS in English | Best Advice Text mobile messages  for Life

Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world.

If you do so you are insulting yourself.

Also don’t compare one person with other as God created each one individually.

In Life Trust on Very Few People for Help & Support,
Because in Dark Even our Shadow Leaves us.

In Most of the Situations, We Need to Fight Alone.

1 simple tip 2 stay 🙂

Never think much abut other people
Never think what other people thinks abut you

How many of us realized that since we are given two ears and one mouth, it might be that we are intended to listen twice as much as we speak….!

Three second enough two say I love you.

3 hours enough to explain it

but you need a life time to prove it so think….

Do not see others as doing better than you do.

Beat your own records,

because success is a fight between you and yourself.

If a person wins without any troubles,

that is just a victory,

But if one wins with lots of Troubles that is History.

Every Sunset gives us one day less to live,

but every sunrise gives us one more to hope.

So get up and hope for the best.

Beautiful lines printed on a T-shirt:

Be nice to people who drink and smoke.

Because they will not be with us for long time.

Journey of life is exciting

when you challenge your own weaknesses..

When you Believe someone Deeply,

Misunderstandings arise, but don’t fight for it,

because some Misunderstandings are Needed for good Understanding.

Never force yourself to have space in anyone’s life,

Beause if they really know your worth,

they’ll surely create one for you.

Never Blame a Day in Your Life

Good days give Happiness

Bad days give Experience

Worst days give Lesson


Best days give Memeories….

Dont let the shadows of yesterday spoil the
sunshine of tomorrow..

Don’t waste your time with jealousy. Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes behind. The race is long and in the end its only with yourself.

Your mind is your great friend, if you control it.
Your mind is your great enemy,
If you don’t control it…!

Always follows the advice of elders to lead a Happy LIFE.
3 things are very Essential:
To keep Brain as ICE Factory…
Tongue as SUGAR Factory…
And Heart as WAX Factory.

Guard well your spare moments, they are
Like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their
Value will never be known , improve them
And they will become the brightest gems in a useful life .

Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status. Such friendships will never give you any happiness.

learn to live
and live to learn
be it a fun
don’t ever shun
from whatever you learn…

If someone want’s to be a part of your life
they’ll make it an effort to be in it.
So don’t bother reserving a space in your heart for someone
who dosn’t make an effort to stay..

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. so , do your best at all..

love is precious keep it,
life is empty fill it,
world is full of dirt,
clean it to stay in it

Keep all your troubles in your pocket,

But make sure that your pocket has a hole in it.

Don’t try to dominate d one’s who apologize for their mistake,
because they understand your importance more than their ego.
Never lose such people in your life…

Never assume that somebody love you just because of their sweet behaviour towards you..
sometimes you are just an option when they get bored..

sourrounnd ur self with people who know ur worth u do not need too many people to be happy just a few real ones who apperciate u for exctly who r u?

Whenever you are in a position to help someone,
Just do it & be glad,
Bcoz God is answering someone’s prayers through you.

U are great if u can find ur faults.
u are greater if u can correct them.
but u are greatest if u accept &
love someone with their faults!

Confidence is key,
Sometimes, you need to look like you are confident,
even when you are not.

One of the simplest way to stay happy,
is by letting go of the things that make you sad.

?If You don’t want to know What is pain ?
Don’t love anyone truly. . . ???
If someone loves you truly, ?
Never show them What is pain..???

No matter how badly people treat you,
Never drop down to their level,
Just know you’re better and walk away.

Throw Yr Past In To The Dustbin,
Keep The Present On Working Table
And Display Your Future
On The Notice Board.
That’s A Great Attitude.

If Someone share problems with you & ask for help..
It doesn’t mean he is weak or incompetent..

But It indicates a high level trust on you…….

Comments can make a person

Comment can Break a person!!!
So, Be careful & soft, While giving Comments for Someone!!!!

Stop focusing on someone to lay down with, and focus on someone who will share some of the same dreams as you..

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost…

If You do not use Today better than Yesterday, Then Why do you need Tomorrow?

Yuh May Fall Iin Love With The
Beauty Of Some One ..

But Remember,

Finally U Have To Live With The Character,

:: Not With Beauty—

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you and listen in such a way that others love to talk to you.

when your heart is broken hold your head high because people throw more stones at the bent branch

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle”

When you hurt by the person who is very close to You,
Do fight with him/her.
Because sometimes fight saves relation…
but… being silent just increases gaps…

Never Be Like a Cigarette,
Bcoz People Will Crush U After U r Done.
Make Urself a DRUG,
Let dem Die 2 Get U !!.

The person who gives you Unexpressed Happiness…
will always be the reason for your Unexpressed sadness…

Share Problem With 1% Only Who Genuinely Love You
50% People Do Not Care Of Your Problem
49% Feel Good That You Have A Problem ..!
Its Fact..!

Be thankful for your mistakes.

They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary,

Because it means you’ve made a difference.”

So, KEEP SMILING and have a great day!!!

When You Say ‘YES’
To 0thers, Make Sure You
Are Not Saying ‘NO’ To
Yourself . . . !!!

The More Often People
Talk Behind Your Back,
The More Often You’re
On Their Mind. . . ^_-

Be Proud. . .

Being Responsible Is Not
Always By Taking The Right
Also By Admitting Taking The
Wrong One . . . !!!

Stop Chasing Someone
Who Doesn’t Care About
You. . .
Turn Around To See The
People That Are Chasing
You. . .

A beutiful quote:
Don’t be too honest and
Good with every one”
Because straight trees are
Choosed first for cutting.

Never Regret
Anything That Has Happened In Your Life…
It Cannot Be
Forgotten …
So Take It As A Lesson Learned
N Move 0n. . .!

Be smart with everyone!”
“Always be silly with your dear ones!”
It’s a beautiful secret of love”

When you belive someone deeply.
Misunderstanding arieses but
Do not fight for it
Some Misunderstanding is
Needed for Good Understanding.

Every new day is a gift.
The longer you wait to open it,
The smaller it gets … !!!

Always Ignore Hateful Attitude
And Rude Behavior Of The People.
They Are Powerless Without Your Response…

Be Not Like The Deceived Fools Who Are Joyous
Each Day Their Wealth Increases
Their Life Grows Even Shorter .. !

Entire water of the sea can’t sink a ship
unless it gets inside the ship.

Similarly, negativity of the world
can’t put you down
unless you allow it to get inside you.

Feelings R D Most DelicateThing In Life.
Nevr Hurt Them Wen Any1Truly Shows On U.
Coz A Great Saying Says
“Today Its Me, Tmrw It’ll b U”.

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them.
You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.

Never forget three types
Of people in your life.
1. Who helped you in your difficult times.
2. Who left in your difficult times.
3. Who put you in difficult times.

Make the best of it.
It’s not bcoz U r not good enough for anyONE,
It means no ONE is good enough for U.

“Trust” is a better compliment then
“LOVE” Becoz you may not always
Trust the person you love,
But you can always love the person
Whom you trust. Have a great time.

Being a practical does not mean that you will hurt everyone’s Heart.

I realized a very good thing after a very bad experience
Xtra ordinary care to anyone will give you always a blame, not praise.

Nature has given you a face,bt u have to provide the expression.Be careful when u express,Coz your every expression will live an impression…..

tension is d poision of ambition
so no more tension
have full attentionon ur ambition
u will be in good poisition

DON”T be disappointed when nobody stands with you. CHANAKYA rightly said I”M thankful to those who left me.Bcoz they taught me I CAN DO IT ALONE.

‘We suffer more from imagination than reality & empty pocket teaches you million things in life but full pocket spoils you in million ways

In any moment of decision the best thing to do is the right thing. The worst you can do is nothing.

Don’t worry about your reputation; worry about your character. Reputation is what people think you are; Character is what you are!

“always look for what’ wrong before looking who’s wrong…..” read it once more to keep ur relations safe……

Luk backward with satisfaction
& look forward with confidence,
u’ll succeed in ur life.
B bold when u lose,be calm when u win.Best of luck!!!

Value the person who hv valued ur life bcoz u never knw whn they will walk out of ur life n never come back again.
V live life only once n miss them forever.

If u want something when u hv never had before,

Do something which u never did before…!

Don’t lose the hands who join their hands with ur problems bcoz u can’t judge those hand’s values.

Bcoz all hands are same but the value differs.

Committment doesn’t mean sticking to a person when u don’t hv ANY OPTION…

Committment means keeping relation with a person even when u hv lot of options…

Live well n happily in this world.

Its the best revenge to those who have hurt u n avoided in their life.

Instead of wiping away ur tears by getting hurted evrytime,just wipe away the people in ur life who make u cry.

Performance always comes from passion n not from pressure.

Always be passionate.

Love what u do n do what u love…!

many problems get solved if people talk to each other,
instead of talking about each other….

If you trust sum1, trust him till the end whtever result…finally you get a good lesson or a good frnd

Excellent msg in human life..
Good Behavior Can Cover the Lack of Beauty.
Beauty Can Never Cover the Lack of Good Behavior.

The best thing to learn in
Life is the habbit of COMPROMISE.
Bcuz, Its better to bend a
Little than to break
A beautiful relation…

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Never Say Good Bye To Someone Who Loves You,
Never Say Thanx Who Really Needs You,
Never Blame A Person Who Really Trust You,
Never Forget A Person Who Think You As Life ..!

Never miss use the 1 who likes u.
Never say busy to the 1 who needs u.
Never cheat the 1 who really trusts u.
Never forget the 1 who always remembers u.

We get comfort from those who agree with us.


we get growth from only those who critisize us.

Being frank in life is always better than being false.

Never cry for who rejected you,

just smile and say:

“Thanks for giving a chance to find someone better than you”

Just because something hasn’t worked out for you now, doesn’t mean there isn’t something big in store for you in the future.

We all make mistakes. Don’t let that be the reason you give up on somebody.

Before you assume, learn the FACTS. Before you judge, understand WHY. Before you hurt someone, FEEL. Before you leave, commit to STAYING.

Remember those who helped you up, & never forget those that put you down.

Every relationship has problems…you just have to work through it. NO ONE IS PERFECT!

always be a leader but not boss?
because there is a little difference between leader and boss,
boss says “GO”while leader says “LETS GO”.

I Like Everyone..
But I Love Only one
I Live For Everyone..
But I Breathe For only one ..

“ Bell has no sound till someone rings it,
Song has no tune until someone sings it..
So never hide ur feelings ,
Coz it has no value till someone feels it

Be So Rich That You Can Buy The Most Expensive Thing You Desire.
Be So Expensive That No Richness On The Earth Can Buy You.. !